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When Adobe Illustrator unveiled its freeform gradient tool, I wanted to learn its possibilities. Emoji felt like a challenging but fun project to produce. Sailor Moon was my introduction to female empowerment and positive LGBTQ+ plotlines as a child, so I wanted to pay homage to something that taught me to love all people and based the emoji on those characters. My plans for Moonmoji are to complete every character from the show and include options for diversification (skin tones, hair textures, etc.).

*This project is a work in progress.
character design.​​​​​​​
My thought process behind the character design lies in reimagining Apple's emoji style and Sailor Moon's art style and fusing crucial elements from the two. Once I got a base down, I subtly adjusted facial features, hair, and clothing to match each character.
Neo Queen Serenity character creation process.
transformation brooches.

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