Creative Direction / Packaging Design 
/ Branding
kawaii cafe.
For my senior thesis, I was required to develop a brand of my choosing. Inspired by the Kawaii culture in Japan and my niece's love of pink: my goal was to create an environment similar to the Hello Kitty Grande Cafe in Irvine, CA. Kawaii Cafe is based on the character of my creation: Saku. He's a pink cat who works as a pastry chef in his patisserie. The following are some of the assets created for this project.
character design.
The character development was a swift process. The look I had in mind was straightforward: round and cute. After creating the general body shape of the cat, I went on to explore several facial expressions for it and sketched out various food items to go along with the cafe branding. After that, I refined my designs and then went into production.
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